Fraud Prevention

Like any hosting company, fraud can be an issue for us. So when you sign up for one of our hosting services, we use a fraud prevention service to verify your details. This is also a benefit for our genuine customers as fraudsters usually use up all of the bandwidth and processing power of a system they have gained access to which causes slowdowns and timeouts for our genuine customers.

We use the following criteria:

  • Geographical IP address location checking
  • High risk IP address and e-mail checking
  • MaxMind minFraud Network
  • Post query analysis
  • Manual checking if required

Please note that no credit card details are passed to this service and the only personal details are your billing address, telephone number and the domain of your email address. This information is solely provided for the purposes of fraud analysis and are not used or passed on in any other way.

Occasionally we may have to pause the setting up of a service to perform further checks and we apologize for any delay this might cause.