Managed VPS Hosting

If you have a high volume site or just have sensitive data (e.g. due to regulatory compliance) then shared hosting may not be suitable for you. In this situation we can provide you with a fully managed virtual server (VPS). A VPS (stands for Virtual Private Server) is a server which to the user appears to be a dedicated server but is actually sharing hardware with other virtual servers.

The system we use (Microsoft Hyper-V) isolates each virtual server from each other so it is impossible for one virtual server to see any information about another. This provides the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

For maximum up time, we only sell VPS hosting using cloud servers which means we can guarantee a 100% up time for the operating system. If there is a hardware issue with the physical machine hosting your server then it will be seamlessly moved to another server with no loss of service. 

Our fully managed service includes:

  • All windows and other security patches applied by us
  • Remote Monitoring of your whole web infrastructure (DNS, Website, mail server and other services) with SMS alerts to us and you if a service becomes unavailable
  • Backup mail servers in multiple data centres to ensure email can always be received
  • Secondary DNS servers throughout the world to ensure maximum availability of your site and email servers
  • Backup of key files every 4 hours with the last 10 versions kept, including any databases (optional encryption provided)
  • Blocking at the firewall of brute force attacks on RDP, mail and websites (to be implemented soon)
  • 9-5 support and assistance
  • 2 Hours of support per month included free
  • Optionally we can also provide custom configuration/programming if needed for a fixed fee

Prices generally start from £150 ex VAT per month, but please call us to discuss your exact needs.