Premium Anti-Spam Email

We all hate spam, so when we were designing our email system we decided to do something about it. We have a state of the art anti-spam and anti-virus system which will examine each email and give it a spam score. Too high a score and the email is sent straight to the bin. Unfortunately it is impossible to screen out all spam, so we grade an email into three levels.

  • High – definitely spam and we delete it (you can keep this is a special folder if you wish)
  • Medium – 99.9% sure its spam but you never know
  • Low – We are pretty sure this is spam but it may be genuine.

You can even fine tune our spam filters yourself, so if you find some genuine email caught in our spam traps then you can whitelist this sender so it is always delivered to your inbox. Alternatively if something does get through you can blacklist the sender and you will never be bothered by them again.

Some Technical info about our anti-spam
We wanted our spam filters to be the best in the industry, so each email is passed through multiple filters and assigned a score each time. The data from all of these filters is then used to determine the likelihood that the email is spam. In order to give you an idea of the lengths we go through, here are only some of the techniques used:

  • SaneSecurity Scam and Phishing Signature Filters
  • SpamAssassin Filters
  • Sender IP lookup
  • Sender Policy Framework
  • Keyword and content analysis
  • Honeypot (email addresses setup just to attract spam)
  • Other stuff we are not going to tell you about so the spammers do not find out